EduIndustry Connect Management Team


The senior management team of EduIndustry Connect™® is headed by Managing Partners Sandy McKean and Dr. Carol Tuck-Riggs with a team of Industry professionals and Educational specialists who will analyze, design, and develop specialized seminars and training modules to meet the rapidly changing needs of your workplace.

Sandy McKean has more than three decades of experience in the media/communications industry and a decade of leadership service in the education sector as a Dean and Associate Dean overseeing business and creative arts programs. He holds an Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of New Brunswick.

He began his career on the front lines of journalism as reporter with a daily newspaper, The Canadian Press, progressing to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation where he was an Executive Producer, a founding Executive Producer of Newsworld (now the CBC News Network) and Newsworld International. He moved up in the management ranks of CBC News to become the Head of Network News and Director of Administration and Staff Development.  

In the education field, McKean was an Associate Dean for a cluster of programs in two Sheridan College Faculties- the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design and as the Dean in the Pilon School of Business.

Sandy is also the President of Sandy McKean Media Consulting.

Dr. Carol Tuck-Riggs has an impressive career with 3 decades experience in domestic and international finance, computer information, operational leadership, and change management across technical, service, and production industries such as Pitney Bowes, IBM and other semi-conductor, retail, pharmaceutical, and technical products.

Dr. Tuck-Riggs is also a curriculum expert, a former Associate Dean and Dean, and a professor of sustainability, business analysis and process management, accounting, information systems, and strategic leadership development in both university and college domains, leading graduate students in analysis and process evaluation projects with industry partners. Tuck-Riggs is a designated professional accountant, a senior operations manager, and holds three graduate degrees in accounting, finance, and marketing disciplines. ERP systems is just one area of her expertise.

Carol is also the Executive Director of TFMS Strategic Management Consulting.  Visit our website at

The partnership brings vast experience and bottom line efficiency in industry and education sectors providing Tuck-Riggs and McKean with fresh and creative perspectives to support industry and education organizations to meet the challenges of maintaining and growing competitive advantage in a changing global work environment.