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Professional Business Leaders and Educators, preparing your workplace organization and staff for a world of changing work patterns and your competitive edge.


1. A gap analysis, needs assessment, to help you determine the requirements to ensure you have an efficient organization, with productive, well trained staff.  

2. Development of a variety of team building learning tools you can use to prepare your employees to meet the demands of ever-evolving economies.  

3. Delivery of learning tools and programs through timely, non-disruptive methods- seminars, workshops, on-line, or short, face to face on-site programs. 

4. Implementation: Ensuring the Operational Documentation and team/employee accountability.

Some examples of our consulting services for efficient and effective management.

-Create with management a new business model through the analysis of current systems and practices.

-Document and train managers and employees on creating individual and organizational goals for individual accountability.

-Facilitate interactive sessions, virtual and face-to-face.

-New skills training for all organizational levels.

Some examples of our two and three day seminars:

Measuring your Success - Measurement Analytics

Process Efficiency Management

Project Management Tools and Practice

Six Sigma Foundations

Strategic Leadership Development

Democratic Negotiation Leadership in a Multicultural Environment

Navigating and Negotiating the Workplace

International Trade Finance and the Supply Chain

Risk Management in Supply Chains

The Art of the Interview

*NEW* Truth and Illusion Workshop: Powerful, thought provoking theatre presentation dealing with social and mental health issues that subtly explore diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in life.

                          Presented in association with JZ Productions Ltd.

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Measuring Your Success - Measurement Analytics



EduIndustry Connect®™                                                 Dr. Carol Tuck-Riggs

Measuring your Success -  Measurement Analytics©

2 full days: 1 full day + 2 half days - 20 person maximum   $8,500

This seminar series mentors participants in formulating, calculating, and tracking the critical operation metrics to drive efficiency and your bottom line. With Dr. Carol’s philosophy of “what gets measured, will get managed” it is crucially important that the real bottom line, the underlying actions of your operating margins, be understood, and tracked for performance.

This understanding requires knowledge of analytic software applications such as SAAS, SQL, Matomo, and advanced Excel; financial ratios; and employee accountability using the Balanced Scorecard methodology from Harvard Professor gurus Kaplan and Norton. 

Day 1: Full day “Be careful what you measure, for the behaviour you will get”

Reading financial statements and formulating appropriate financial ratios for your business.

Learning to create trackable, operational and strategic SMART goals for the company and for each employee.

Take away assignment

Day 2: Half day “Choosing information in digestible chunks”

Software training for analytics and analysis: Using the created goals and financial knowledge from Day 1, the use of software for incorporating Big Data, ERP system module translations.

Take away assignment

Day 3: Half day “Tracking and Sharing data with in-house and familiar”      

Software training for analysis, data tracking, and presentation tools: Using common company tools and applications, this ½ day seminar teaches advanced Excel tools for analysis and presentation as well as other presentation software such as Tableau and Prezi.

Potential for your company's own management project for presentation.