During and Post Covid 19


Management Support Service to keep on track

New paradigms of how we work and engage are needed.  

Management may now be virtual and organizational goal congruency requires a different set of reorganized systems through technology, individual accountability, and outcome based goals.

Themes that are emerging:

1. Engagement in the new e-culture

2. Opportunities for cultural change and individual accountability

3. Communications

Engagement in the new e-culture

Develop an action plan for senior management and employees - encourage a facilitated brainstorming session to produce an effective and transparent plan: we're all in this together.

How do you structure the new working systems, organize virtual meetings and ensure engagement?  We can help establish effective methods and systems to gain productivity and satisfaction.

Opportunities for Cultural Change

Lead from the top in encouraging cultural change.  Our professionals can analyze current physical and technical systems to eliminate wasted steps and gain efficiencies and show your own employees how for on-going change management.   You will gain a more effective use of resources - reorganize for the new emerging positions.

Gain management expertise in setting outcome based individual goals, department goals, and organizational goals that comprise a congruent plan for the organization's mandate.


Develop an organizational blog to get employees sharing their good stories and ideas.

Our professional team can help you develop the tools and systems:

What are employee's ideas for how they could continue to work at home?

what are the models and infrastructure costs and benefits?

Talk with us today to see what you can do differently going forward

To discuss your own situation, please call our Director, Sandy at 416-434-0222 or e-mail your questions to mckean.sandy@gmail.com